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It is a process of storing the reoccurring calls to a function and use them if they get called again. Used for runtime optimization.

Applying Memoization on Fibonacci series recursive solution.

function memoize(fn)
	//stores all the calls to our function here we mean fib function.
	const cache ={};
	//...args basically means arguments of our function 
	//i mean the function that is being sent to the memoize 
	//can contain n number of arguments so this takes care of it.
	//It takes all the arguments and assign them as an array 
	//to this variable called args
    return function(...args)
        	return cache[args];
		//when ever we call a function with an array of arguments
		//then we have to use the Apply helper
        const result = fn.apply(this, args);
        cache[args] = result;
        return result;

function fib(n) {
		return n;

	return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2);

	fib = memoize(fib);
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