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Command line Script


Change Drive“drive:”F:
Change Directory“cd path”“cd downloads/MyFolder”
list all filesdirdir
Add New Foldermd filenamemd “Project Files”
Add new Foldermkdirmkdir “new folder”
move files to sub foldermv filename foldernamemv* services
Delete Folderrmdir filenamermdir “Project Files”
Clear Terminalclscls
Go back one foldercd
go back to rootcd ../cd ../


Run all files in the repoJESTJEST
run only one testJEST folderName/test.js –watchJEST linkedList/test.js –watch
list all files (unix command)lsls

Shell Command

shortcut to open a folder into vs codetype code. in cmd from foldercode.

VS commands

command PaletteCtrl + Shift + P
Shell Command: Install ‘code’ command in PATH commandadd a shot cut tot vs code from cmdneed to be written in command palette.
Open terminalctrl + `
select default shellcommand palette + type “select default shell”
select multiple occurrencesctrl + Dneed to click multiple times to copy all occurances

Angular Commands

create New Appng new appnameng new firstproject
run angular projectng serveng serve
run project and open localhostng serve –openng serve –open
add componentng g c <componentname>ng g c Courses
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