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Chrome Developer Tools Tutorial

Are you planning to advent into web development, dev tools are a must in your suite, why? You can get more done quicker and cleaner like editing web pages, working with Javascript, performance optimization of web apps and so on.

Lets Dive in and explore the Dev tools.

What are Dev Tools?

These are set of web developer tools that are made available by google in chrome browser. These tool help in editing / analyzing and debugging web pages on the fly.

How to access the Dev tools?

We could access the tools in one of the 4 following ways:

  1. Customize and control Google Chrome > more tools > Developer Tools
    Dev Tool longway
  2. From Keyboard click ctrl + shift + I
  3. Function Keys F12
  4. Right Click Mouse and select Inspect

Now that we have seen how to open Developer tools lets continue our adventure in learning the various things we could perform using the Dev tools.

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